[3 Secrets] How To Get Clients as an Online Coach or Consultant

Are you a Trainer, Coach, Speaker or Consultant? Do you want to get clients for your coaching business?

Did you say Yes?

Great, so today in this blog, i will be sharing with you 3 secrets to attract clients for your coaching or consulting business. Keep reading till the end to get actionable steps which you can apply right after reading this article. Yes, you read that right, it’s very simple but overlooked.

People also ask me:

  1. How to find clients using social media?
  2. How to get clients without advertising?
  3. How to get your first coaching client?
  4. How to get consulting clients fast
  5. How do I get coaching clients without a website?
  6. How to Create new coaching clients in 15 minutes a day?

Social Media- Powerful Weapon

Since the last few months with the impact of Covid19 pandemic, almost everything has gone online whether it be School, College, Shopping, physical meetings, training, workshops etc. Social Media Usage has went up massively. People are spending time more on social media platforms like facebook, instagram, youtube, linkedin etc. With increasing usage by people on social media, it opens up an opportunity for all the coaches, trainers, speakers & consultants to attract clients from various social media platforms and conduct their training, meetings or workshops online. Social Media is one of the key resources that must be in your arsenal in this ever evolving world.

So, If you are already on social media, you should i ask this question to yourself that

“Is my Social Media Profiles Polished to position myself as an authority in my space?

Social media can be a bigger source of your business growth in this digital world. Polish your profiles and optimize to get seen on social media.

We will discuss more on this in a later section of this blog. First let us understand How you can find your potential client.

Potential Client Discovery

This is the foundation of getting clients online; so below are few questions you can yourself –

  1. Do You Know them well?
    So, this is clear that you know your target customer very well.
  1. Where do they hang out?
    Ask yourself where they are? Are they on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, some forum or association groups or clubs?

Now that you know where rae your target clients are. Now you can check if you are also there or not, i fnot i recommend you to be there and start giving value there.

And in case you’re not there, you can build your profiles or make your presence there.
Now you are there where your target clients are. Now comes the Content Marketing.

1. Content Marketing + Social Media Marketing for Coaches

So now you are there. You have achieved your first milestone. Second milestone is to have a content marketing strategy. Content related to your area of expertise will help you convey your offerings. Use multiple marketing channels and publish content on a consistent basis. Research & create content on the topics on which your target audience will be interested in. Creating a social medias calendar is suggested to stick to the content timeline. Social media will work 24×7 so if your content is out there on social media, virtually you are reaching out to millions of people through your content.

Have a customer journey(or a Funnel) ready along with all the different touch points viz social media platforms, offline events, brochure, blogs, direct sales etc

At some point in time, you might feel burnout due to lots of stuff apart from your Coaching or training to your students. You can take help of a digital partner to support you with marketing growth, management and avoid burnout.

2. Video Marketing

When it comes to content, videos are one of the content types which makes a greater impact on a person because it gives a feeling of you directly talking to your target clients. 

YouTube being the 2nd most search engine after Google is a free platform where you can publish your videos. Create valuable videos, publish them on YouTube and other video platforms like IGTV, Facebook videos to get your videos seen to people. You can also repurpose your video to other platforms.

Apart from these two methods, one more very effective strategy is Relationship Marketing.

3. Relationship Marketing

I call relationship marketing because the focus of this marketing activity is to build relationships.

What can you do?

  1. Start Building Relationships & Authority
  2. Join Networking Events, Online Communities, Social Media Groups like Join FB Groups
  3. Start giving value to people in the group without violating group rules 
  4. Understand their issues, problems, queries and suggest them solution without selling your service directly
  5. Create a Lead magnet to attract them
  6. Keep building the relationships & give value (More you give, more you get)
  7. You can also Partner up with relevant Influencers

After some time, You will notice that People start contacting you for your Coaching or Consulting. I recommend spending at least 15 mins daily on this activity

Comment below one thing which you will apply today itself?

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